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From Our Guest Book

1-cloud fountain

“Thank you. I feel … nourished by the peace

quieted by the landscape

inspired by the beauty

and very grateful to have stayed here, on this land

with love and light”

– Lisa

view-from deck“Thank you. Moon, sun, mist, dandelions, birds, frogs, sky, trees, deer, quietude; thanks”

– Chris

“Thank you again for providing this beautiful, restful place to come and heal.”

– Don

“This was a beautiful retreat space – a chance to reconnect with nature and soul. Beautiful autumn leaves, stillness, peace.”

– Maria and Atul


“A wonderful, perfect place for a writing retreat. And I was blessed with sightings of a very large turtle, a coyote and a busy muskrat. Very inspiring and fun. Thank you”

– Lauren

“We can’t thank you enough for this serene, breathtaking oasis!. It was a perfect get-away spot to feel comfort, rejuvenation and peace.”

– Stephen and Robyn